Life Magick by Laura Bushnell

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Experience true magick through the use of celebration and ritual. These 108 day programs are for individuals who are ready to change their lives.

Magick Lady Programs are consciously structured, visualization enchantments intended to influence our subconscious mind. In this way, they strengthen our resolve to work toward achieving what we desire.

The Magick Lady programs are designed to give you a look into the world of magick and see yourself through new eyes. What awaits you is a ritual from old folklore traditions, formed from my own personal experiences and with my interactions with my large family of clients. My clients have used these Magick Programs to change and improve their lives, whether it was for love, abundance, or over all life direction. We are all capable of creating the life we want. My Magick programs accelerate you and move you to the next level. The life you ordered has arrived!

Magick Lady Programs utilize the following keys:

Intention - Intention is the key element. What do you want? We teach you to be clear and careful. Ask and the door will open. Getting clear in your intention will give you insight into your life. Breathing - Most people do not take the time to breathe properly, or actually know how.

Meditation - If you focus on your heart for a few minutes a day you will establish a deeper relationship with your inner wisdom and feel better and more relaxed.

Visualization - The deepest part of your imagination is an untapped resource. Learn to harness its power. In countless studies, scientists have proven that you can actually have a conversation with your body; in turn, it talks to your brain, which then directs your nervous systems' response. The more you send positive messages, the more you will manifest positive experiences. Visualization serves as a means to transmit these messages.

All of these abilities are within each of us. When combined with the use of the Magick Programs, amazing results are achieved. Just ask one of my many very happy customers.

Program Music

An important aspect of the program is the music, which is selected to create a mood, touching our physical, emotional and spiritual being. Anyone who has attended a rock concert or a classical music recital experiences the power of music in transforming us. Our music was created to bring you into balance and re-align your central nervous system. In Love Magick, the music is in the background to create an openness of the heart. Recording artist Enrique Cardenas from Puerto Rico has written and performed all our music.

Program Talisman / Seals

My magick talisman is a collection of symbols. Carl Jung theorized that symbols go directly into the brain, connecting you with the past. In my programs, you will be using rituals that have consistently brought results with my clients. The act of placing the talisman on your heart is an activity which, when performed in ritual, tends to quiet the mind and imprint new behavioral patterns. This simple act helps to break up rigidity and old forms, allowing you to be more open and focused on the ritual. The result is one of enhancing your journey into a heightened state of awareness. Within each of us lies an untapped source of peace, wisdom and guidance. We often do not realize this, however, until we slow down, quiet our minds, tune in to our bodies, and allow the creative juices to flow.

Program Diary

The Magick Diary teaches you how to find out what you really want...It offers a place to keep track of the adventure that you are about to take. It will help you look at your life with new eyes and discover there is a hidden treasure. In addition, the calendar included allows you to track the use of the program for the 108 days required.

Magick Programs (Price: $600.00 each) - click here to order

Each Magick Lady Program is available in CD format. They invoke ancient energies and direct one’s focus to awaken the power that exists within to manifest that which is desired.

• Life Magick – This program is designed to remove patterns from your past that sabotage your growth and happiness. It connects you with your inner core to assist you in finding your Life Path and making each day one of joy and fulfillment. This is the most popular program.